We’ve built BICHIP Crypto Coin
to buy and sell our products.

We’re a Danish based Estonian Financial Company and we have created the Next Generation of Blockchain that makes it possible to integrate your Coins with Human and Animal Microchips. In this secure, smart and easy-to-use platform you are able to buy as much Crypto Tokens as you need.

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More about BICHIP Coin

Bichip is a biological crypto token created to ease the transaction in human microchip implants.

At it's essence Bichip seeks to reduce the "highs and lows" that create financial boom and bust cycles and to continually outpace global inflation. Bichip is different from other cryptocurrencies in that a person is not required to "mine" or "code break" in order to receive new digital coin.

Bichip tokens are backed by real physical and digital assets of the company which leads to accurate value and less fluctuation.

BICHIP on Mobile Apps BICHIP

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in marketplace.


While there are numerous types of crypto storage solutions, Trading Bichip on mobile apps will be the most attractive option due to its simplicity and convenience. All you have to do is to download the apps of the Trade platforms that are trading Bichip Coin and go through a quick registration process. Some of these mobile app features are:

  • Bichip Coin Notifications
  • Transfer between Wallets
  • Wallet Backup and recovery


Bichip token is released on the basis of ETH platform. It’s compatibile with third-party services wallets & exchanges, providing easy-to-use integration.


Nov 26, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

600,000,000 BICHIPS

Bichip current Price

$1 = 1 Bichip

Acceptable currencies

BTC, USD, Altcoin

Minimal transaction amount

ETH standard minimum

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Cash in Hand?

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of Bichip Token. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Bichip is considered as a Stable Coin. In general, the cryptos that are backed by real asset or bank reserves, and are connected to a real business are called Stable Coins. The company behind such coins can keep the value of the coin based on the company profit, which makes the coin more stable.

Literally we accept All type of payments including Paypal, Bitcoin and any popular cryptocurrencies (Alt-Coins). All you have to do is to choose one of the options in your dashboard! Make sure to read our terms and conditions that apply to your purchase before you make any purchase ...

At it's essence "BichipCoin" as a "stable coin" that seeks to reduce the "highs and lows" that create financial boom and bust cycles and to continually outpace global inflation.

As a standard Bichip ERC20 token you will generally benefit from Atomic swap feature, uniform and fast transaction, Solidity nature and Compatibility of the coin. To be more specific, Bichip Coin has the capacity to be in top 10 coins in 2020.

When you are buying Bichip Coin from a Trading Platform, The platform will decide about the banned countries. It is also possible that a platform is banned in a country. In such cases, you may use another platform that is allowed in your country.

No. Our crypto functions just as a normal cryptocurrency and is tradable in the market. If you implant a microchip, then the microchip will work as your cold wallet as well. You will then be able to pay, send and receive money by wave of your hand.

Bichip is a Danish Finance institute established in 2013. We comply with all law and regulations in the kingdom of Denmark, and the international law in general.

Bichip coin is a standard ERC-20 coin and can be transferred or traded in any Etheurium platform supporting this standard. However we recommend keeping your coins in our platform the keep potential insurrance or Buy Back guarantee you have received when buying the coins.